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Solar marketing agency

The solar energy industry is gaining traction, primarily because consumers are looking for environmentally friendly energy to power their homes and businesses. As the market has opened up to the future of solar, solar panel manufacturers can expect increased demand for their products in the coming years. This is where a solar marketing agency comes in. Click to learn how I find people who want solar.

With increased consumer demand comes increased competition, and solar panel companies without a clear social media marketing strategy are at a competitive disadvantage. Aside from fierce competition, solar panels are a significant investment. Consumers are often hesitant to invest their money, even if they know the long-term benefits of solar panels and solar energy products.

Solar Marketing Agency

ServiceVista is a solar marketing agency that has helped over 300 companies close thousands of installs and service calls. Powerful, All-in-One Marketing & Sales Solution for solar companies. Call us today at (540) 264-3358!

How do you reach more local customers? With solar marketing.

Using a combination of paid and organic advertising channels, we help solar companies:

Increase Leads & Sales: First, we’ll increase leads by driving more traffic to your website via pay-per-click marketing, solar SEO, social media, and various other channels. Your solar company website will also be optimized from top to bottom, with SEO-friendly content and a lightning-fast website to convert more visitors into promising leads.

Marketing Costs:  Are your solar digital marketing campaigns yielding little to no ROI? Paying a fortune for PPC ads, which results in high cost per lead or unqualified leads? ServiceVista solar marketing experts will optimize your marketing campaigns to increase brand visibility and lead generation at a low cost.

Differentiate Their Brands on the Internet – The decision to install solar cells is big for homeowners. ServiceVista will establish your brand as THE AUTHORITY in solar energy on the web, increasing customer trust and helping you stand out from the competition.

We qualify all of our residential solar installations leads to give you the best homeowners in your service area.

Commercial Solar Marketing

ServiceVista utilizes an integrated channel combination. We start by defining our target consumers and creating industry-specific assets like video testimonials, case studies, and a landing page template that we can reuse across campaigns.

Solar Marketing Ideas

Solar marketing materials, ideas & strategies can result in more job leads, more calls, and more booked appointments—all of which lead to more revenue for your solar company.

Make your website more attractive

These days, customers want to find information online quickly and easily. A recent Pew Research study indicates that 85% of United States residents now have smartphones, indicating that mobile optimization should remain a top marketing strategy.

To meet your company’s marketing objectives, make sure customers can find your mobile-friendly website quickly and easily from any smartphone or tablet. 

Spend money on online advertising

We target a specific industry, but we recommend targeting a particular niche, so your ad is a creative copy and resonates much more with your audience. We have succeeded with a general campaign targeting small business owners in smaller states. Still, we recommend targeting a specific niche, so your ad creative, copy, and offer resonate more with your audience.

Utilize local SEO technique

We make sure our client’s website is ranked in Maps and organic for “commercial solar + state” types of searches.

Take advantage of direct mail

Direct mail could be a good way to get noticed since marketers sent 18% less mail in 2020. For every marketing campaign, it is imperative to first understand your audience. You just have to find the right combination of marketing that works for you.

Many steps are involved to drive an evergreen system to ensure deliverability, response rate, and list quality. Once this is mastered, the returns are massive.

Ready to start growing your business, looking for a solar marketing agency? Contact us to schedule your marketing game planning session with one of our solar digital marketing consultants.

How do you do solar marketing?

Why would you spend time and effort attracting organic Facebook Solar leads when you could just pay for leads? Learn more on how to do get leads on Facebook.

Service Vista Can Help Solar Installers Find Success

Service Vista is a home services marketing agency which can give your company high-quality solar leads, we can help you achieve more success and higher conversion rates. Our solar leads have been checked and authenticated, and they include contact information for potential customers who have expressed an interest in solar.