How to Get Solar Leads( That Become Solar Sales)

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Solar leads –

For solar companies, ServiceVista revolutionizes the solar installation process. Through our high-traffic digital marketing channels, we help in generating solar leads. Our customers want to connect with skilled solar providers in real-time for their solar installation projects. ServiceVista offers a Powerful, All-in-One Marketing & Sales Solution for Residential & Commercial Contractors. Call us today at (540) 264-3358!

Does mastering solar marketing seem like an ever-moving target these days? Do you know which marketing strategies to invest in to achieve the highest ROI? 

Our solar marketing services are a mix of everything you need to attract new solar leads and convert them into clients. ServiceVista offers the best marketing services, from website services to SEO services, social media marketing, landing page optimization, and content writing. Lot of solar companies are into buying solar leads and agencies are selling them too but this should not be a long term strategy.

We qualify all of our residential solar installation leads to giving you the best homeowners in your service area. Click to learn how to get solar energy leads.

Exclusive solar leads

Servicevista provides contractors with qualified solar leads for the best homeowners in the local area. We don’t sell leads but generate them for each contractor using the different social marketing strategies and then qualifying them by setting appointments.

High-Quality Solar Leads

Service Vista provides high quality solar leads to all its clients. Every lead is vetted before it’s passed on to the client. They are checked for fitment and their level of engagement during the sales process before setting up an appointment. Leads are provided with a confirmation message and the appointments are sent to the client.


ServiceVista utilizes an integrated channel combination. We start by defining our target consumers and creating industry-specific assets like video testimonials, case studies, and a landing page template that we can reuse across campaigns.

ServiceVista Leads System

Every solar owner is looking for ways on “How to find solar leads”. Creative solar marketing plan can result in more job leads for solar installers, more calls, and more booked solar appointment leads—all of which leads to more revenue for your solar company. These 6 marketing strategies will help.

Make your website more attractive

These days, customers want to find information online quickly and easily. A recent Pew Research study indicates that 85% of United States residents now have smartphones, indicating that mobile optimization should remain a top marketing strategy.

To meet your company’s marketing objectives, make sure customers can find your mobile-friendly website quickly and easily from any smartphone or tablet. 

Spend money on online advertising

We target a specific industry, but we recommend targeting a particular niche, so your ad is a creative copy and resonates much more with your audience. We have succeeded with a general campaign targeting small business owners in smaller states. Still, we recommend targeting a specific niche, so your ad creative, copy, and offer resonate more with your audience. The cost of solar leads depends on several factors which differ from state to state.

Utilize local SEO technique

We make sure our client’s website is ranked in Maps and organic for “commercial solar + state” types of searches to generate organic solar leads.

Take advantage of direct mail

Direct mail could be a good way to get noticed since marketers sent 18% less mail in 2022. For every marketing campaign, it is imperative to first understand your audience. You just have to find the right combination of marketing that works for you.

Many steps are involved to drive an evergreen system to ensure deliverability, response rate, and list quality. Once this is mastered, the returns are massive and can also lead to real time solar leads.

SMS Marketing

Text is a powerful lead-generation tool because 98% of text messages are opened by users. For reference, the open rate for emails is just 20%, and that’s still good!

Utilize software that combines several functions

Your business can streamline business operations and improve growth with Service Vista tools. Manage contractor job costs, manage project cash flow, and manage marketing. Save time and money by capturing the data you need to increase revenue and grow. If you are interested in learning more or getting started with one of these strategies, feel free to reach out! Our Service Vista team will walk through what tools best suit your needs and help get you set up on a budget that works for both your business goals and financial situation. Which strategy sounds like something that could work for your business?

ServiceVista is a solar digital marketing agency that has helped over 200 companies find their customers. Call us today at (540) 264-3358!