How to Generate Solar Leads on Facebook

How to Generate Solar Leads on Facebook
How to Generate Solar Leads on Facebook

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Organic Solar leads are completely free, and there are numerous ways to get started, even if you have no idea where to begin. You can capture free residential solar leads by using several free tools which are available on social media platforms like Facebook to help you start developing a community, including:

  • Facebook groups
  • stories
  • posts

Facebook also provides an “insights” tool, allowing you to measure responsiveness, reach, and clicks. 

How to Generate Solar Leads on Facebook

Organic Facebook Solar lead generation does not have to be difficult. You may start receiving free traffic from interested prospects using some tried and true approaches.

In the following part, you’ll find seven ideas and some pointers on how to find solar customers.

1. Join Facebook Groups for Your Industry and Post Links to Your Website

Join a few industry-related organizations and home improvement groups or anything related to homes. Start sharing useful information and answering questions where you can. To persuade people to message you on Facebook or your website, feel free to talk about your company and what it does. Just be careful not to be too promotional.

When looking for appropriate groups to join, consider your target audience and the difficulties they face on a daily basis. Sign up, communicate with group members, and start dialogues if your product or service can solve issues.

From there, you want to just build an authentic relationship with the group members. You want to start commenting and providing value to the group. Don’t be the spammer in the group.

You can start the conversations by:

  • posting informative content
  • asking and answering questions
  • offering free content to get group members to sign up for your newsletter or your other marketing materials

2. Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Another important step in generating solar leads on Facebook is by optimizing your business page for increased clickthrough’s and revenues. However, you’ll only need to optimize the parts relevant to gaining leads. You can also run paid solar lead generation campaign once page is setup.

Facebook suggests you concentrate on three main areas:

  • your business name and description
  • profile photos and cover photos
  • a call to action (CTA)

3. Post links to your offer landing pages directly on your page

Nothing works as well as a direct marketing tactic on occasion. If you have an e-book or an appealing offer to share with your audience, it’s a good idea to give them a sneak preview on your Facebook page with links to the offer page. However, be clear in your communication so that both you and your customers get what they desire.

4. Upload photos with links to landing pages and blogs

Draw in organic Solar Facebook leads by uploading photos with links. We all know that visuals serve as social media hooks. Using images from your blog posts and landing pages while publishing them on Facebook, which takes the reader back to the original blog post or landing page when clicked on, is a terrific method. The secret is to share the photo instead of the blog as a link on your page’s timeline, and then link to the blog or page within the photo’s caption.

Here’s an example showing a link share of a news post through a creative:

Facebook Leads news post

5. Post Content That Capitalizes on Current Events in Your Industry

Cover industry events and trends to get organic Facebook leads. Newspapers, industry press releases, trade journals, and Google Trends can all be used to follow these.

For two reasons, piggybacking or “newsjacking” recent events inside your industry trends works well:

  • First, if a topic is on people’s minds, they might desire to learn more about it.
  • Second, it shows that your organization is keen to stay current with current events and trends.

You could write regular articles or blog posts around trending topics. However, why not get creative with video commentary and related images? The more imagination you show, the more shareable your content becomes.

6. Upload a video that summarizes an offer and add a link to the offer landing page in the video description

Why stick to the tried-and-true landing page format when you can make a video about it? If you want people to join up for something or promote an offer, videos are a fun way to accomplish it. Take a page from Maine-based adventure and sports apparel firm L.L.Bean, who frequently post films on their page to announce causes or just advertise their new range.

Facebook Leads Featured Video

7. Hold Facebook Live Events

Why utilize Facebook Live when Facebook already has a few video services? The most pressing reason is viewership—Facebook Live has a far greater view rate.

Facebook Live allows users to broadcast live video material in any format they want. Consider the following examples:

  • virtual conferences
  • Q&As
  • virtual tours
  • staff introductions

There are agencies who charge pay per sale solar leads or offer solar leads free trial but one of these agencies offer a scalable solution since leads are often unqualified and shared with everyone signing up for the trials. Click here if you want to learn more about how do you generate leads for solar panels.

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