How Do I Market My Solar Business

How do I market my solar business
Solar Panels

Solar enterprises may now appeal to a broader range of clients than ever before, thanks to the low cost of solar cells. Millions of energy-hungry clients want to move into the future of energy supply, whether you want to assist homeowners in becoming self-sufficient or corporations cut their facility expenditures in half. Click to learn how you promote solar panels.

But how can you find and assist these potential clients? Solar companies are always concerned about how I market my solar business. The answer is, With the help of solar marketing.

If you want to win projects, you can do one of two things:

  • Set a cheaper price than your competitors.
  • Make a name for yourself as an expert in your profession.
  • We don’t think it’s good to undercut one other by charging low fees. As a result, the only option is to establish a reputation as a solar expert.

Your business can leverage paid and unpaid channels, such as search and social, to establish a competitive solar marketing plan that drives sales using online marketing for solar enterprises.

Continue reading to discover more about how to use digital marketing to promote your solar business and the five most effective solar marketing tactics for small and large enterprises today.

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How Do I Market My Solar Business


SEO tactics seem to have a prominent place in online marketing strategies because they work. The fact that 97% of online users look for local businesses on search engines suggests that contractor companies who prioritize local SEO will achieve higher search rankings and increase traffic to their websites.

Make your website more attractive

These days, customers want to find information online quickly and easily. A recent Pew Research study indicates that 85% of United States residents now have smartphones, indicating that mobile optimization should remain a top marketing strategy.

The company’s name, phone number, and contact information should be prominently displayed on your contractor’s website and an easy-to-navigate menu. With high-quality images of your work, you might want to incorporate videos of outstanding projects or customer testimonials. Let potential consumers see what makes your company stand out from the competition by including social media links and quick access to your evaluations.

Social media marketing

Solar companies must be visible to potential new clients in today’s digital age. Ensure that you have updated the Google My Business listing of your business with the contact information, hours, reviews, and a link to your website. A well-researched solar marketing campaign can result in good leads & calls.

Take care of your online reputation

Reputation Management is the practice of improving your company’s public image in search engines.

This solar energy marketing strategy is one of the more abstract ideas in Internet marketing, but it works exceptionally well for solar providers.

Potential customers usually read online reviews before choosing a company. According to a consumer review survey, 87% of all consumers in 2020 read online reviews for local businesses.

It is important to include a strategy for managing your online reputation in your contractor marketing plan, including which review platform to use, and how to ask for and respond to low-quality reviews.

Ask your customers for Google reviews

Solar companies, in particular, rely heavily on online reviews. Many consumers hire a solar contractor after receiving a recommendation from a trusted friend. For the rest of us, our search begins with Google.

Your review stars will appear most prominently in the Local 3-Pack. The map takes up a lot of real estate on the search results page when looking for a local service business.

Get professional solar marketing help

We’ll make sure you get the customers you need to grow your solar business. Contact us today to start promoting your solar business online with solar marketing!