EMAIL & SMS Marketing for Contractors

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email marketing for contractors
Email Marketing for Contractors

How Service Vista can help you with Email Marketing for Contractors

Is email marketing for contractors a priority for your business? Studies have shown that service based businesses can easily increase their revenue by at least 23% by implementing a comprehensive email & SMS marketing strategy.

▶️ Engage your leads list and build relationships that lead to more sales

▶️ Reactivate old leads and rotate your offers depending on the season

▶️ Strengthen customer relationships using intuitive SMS Marketing

Email marketing for contractors

Build Up Optin List

Working with your team to incorporate opt-in email sign-ups into your contact forms. Continue to increase the list, use more social media and paid techniques.  

Email Tracking Software

Sent emails are being tracked and delivery rates are being calculated. Open and click-through rates are being tracked.

Design Custom Proven-Template Email Layout

Working with a professional designer to produce an email template that is consistent with your brand incorporating established design features based on data from prior email campaigns

Test Email Campaigns

Subject lines that have been split-tested along with Send timings and dates are split-tested.

Creating Email Content

Collaborating with your organisation and target audience to create useful content to promote engagement, hold contests and offer freebies.

Advanced Email Marketing Strategies

Marketing automation, custome retention email

Email Marketing For Contractors

Opt-In Email Marketing for contractors Is a Low-Cost Way to get more referrals, increase sales from bundle offers, generate leads, and book more jobs to keep trucks running and sales teams busy.

With email marketing for contractors, you can make up to $44 for every $1 spent.

90% of Americans use email regularly – occasionally as often as 20 times per day. Email engages users significantly more than social media: you can increase your sales up to 23% by reselling to an old customer.

Gain a competitive advantage over other contractors in your area. 

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