Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your service any time before the onboarding call without penalty or obligation.

However, if you request a cancellation after the onboarding meeting, you will be subjected to the refund policy below.

Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel your agreement with Service Vista, you can do so at any time until the onboarding call and receive a full refund. If you decide to cancel after the onboarding call, you will be eligible for a 70% refund of your onboarding buildout payment for the next 72 hours.

However, after the 72-hour mark, Service Vista will have purchased non-refundable services from third-party vendors and completed the unique technical setup required for your account. Therefore, we cannot refund services contracted after the 72-hour point following the onboarding call.

During the ongoing lead service provided by Service Vista, leads can be credited if the client finds that a lead falls under any of the following criteria:

(a) lead has a credit score of less than 650. If in the call recording the lead mentions he/she has credit score higher than 650 or higher, the lead will not be credited even if the lead has a credit score less than 650.

(b) the housing property of the lead generated for the client is not a single family home

(c) lead was found not to be a qualified decision maker in the household, then the client may request a replacement lead.

Important note: A lead is considered valid regardless if they actually show up or not to the designated appt time. It’s the customer’s responsibility to follow up with the lead as many times as needed until contact is made.

To make a request for a replacement lead, the client must submit a Lead Review at

Service Vista will complete the lead review within 7-10 business days and respond to the client’s request.